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Kids Passport Camp Day 2

9 kids, 3 adults, 4 days after a 5 hour drive we're in Crossville to start a 'Revolution'! 
Each day you'll get to read what our campers are experiencing. Enjoy!

Callie Payson: OMG fun! Drama was so fun. And the night market was also fun. 

Bo Hoffman: Today we made new friends. We went to the night market. And we simulated travels to the U.S.Edens Richardson: Today we went boating and I was soaked, the second thing we did was do the auditions for the talent show. I was with Karamia and our chant was called THE BOOM. Finally the last thing we did was go to the night market. There we got a ticket and we got to get one thing at the night market for the parade, I chose a bright, red flower in the parade! IT WAS AWESOME!!

Today's theme word was STAND. Campers read about some of the people in the Bible who took a stand - the daughters of Zelophehad, Amos, and Jesus. They also did an exercise where their Bible study leaders asked them to stand up when something about them was described. When we talked about this experience in worship response tonight the kids all said it was eye opening. They were able to see that they are never alone. Other people have, are, and will experience the same things our kids are going through.

Also in our worship response time we talked those people in our church who take a stand for justice. You would be proud of the people they thought of! We then learned about ways that we can take a stand.

Tonight we attended the El Salvador Night Market. Here the campers learned about life in El Salvador.Cam Day 2 They tasted food, made crafts, and experienced some of the jobs available. They have been learning about refugees this week and the night market gave them an opportunity to see the kind of life people are leaving to come to the US. 

When you see our campers when we get home, ask them what their favorite thing about night market was. Also, ask them about ways they can take a stand for others.

Love and Peace,Mary

Posted by Bridget Ellis at 10:00 PM
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