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Kids Passport Camp Day 3

9 kids, 3 adults, 4 days after a 5 hour drive we're in Crossville to start a 'Revolution'! 
Each day you'll get to read what our campers are experiencing. Enjoy!

Karamia Quiriconi: Today was awesome! We went to a talent show. Abby was in it with Callie and Lila. They did really good. We had to pack up. We have to wake up early tomorrow!

Abby Kellett: Today we started out the day with the morning celebration, followed by morning devotion. This of course was after breakfast. We then moved on to Bible Study and morning recreation. In Bible Study we talked about speaking up for people. In rec, we played a lot of really fun games.

After that we went to have a delicious lunch. The senior campers went to Sixth Sense and had an ice cream party. Meanwhile other campers hung out in the cabins. We went to missions and camper's choice next. In missions we talked about El Salvador refugees. Camper's choice is where the camper chooses from a variety of activities (I chose drama). 

Before supper, we had free time. You can go to the camp store, hang out with friends, go to the pool, play gaga ball, which we also do in any extra time we find, etc. 

After worship and worship response we prepared the Variety Show. Everyone was able to show their talent (if they wanted to and/or made the auditions). I sang 'Titanium.' Everyone dressed up as the theme, Superheroes. We are now getting ready for bed and packing up. Today was awesome!!

I can't believe we head home tomorrow! These days have flown by. I have so enjoyed everyday here with your kids. They have proven over and over how selfless and kind-hearted they are.

Our theme word for today was SPEAK. I know you parents know your kids are good at this. :) In Bible study campers studied three stories of Jesus from the Gospel of Mark. Each story gave an account of Jesus speaking up for the oppressed. They also talked about ways they can speak out for people. 

Day 3In our worship response time tonight each camper talked about how they saw God this week (you should ask them this when they get home - you will be impressed with their answers) and they also said things they can stand up for and speak out for when they get home. 

Our fun activity for the evening was the Variety Show. Several of our campers were a part of this show. Wow! FBC has some talented kids and you should be so proud!

Please remember us as we travel home tomorrow! I will send the last update tomorrow night.

Love and Peace,Mary 

Posted by Bridget Ellis at 10:30 PM
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