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Kids Passport Camp Day 4

9 kids, 3 adults, 4 daysafter a 5 hour drive we're in Crossville to start a 'Revolution'! 
Each day you'll get to read what our campers are experiencing. Enjoy!

Lila Morse

: Today was great! I didn't want to leave camp. Yes, I missed my parents but I loved dancing and singing. On the way home we went to the Adventure Science Center. I went on a moon simulator! That's all! 

Mikey Hoffman: My favorite part of the day was when we played soccer. One thing I learned was God's revolution.

I am writing from the comfort of my couch tonight - meaning we have made it home safely! I cannot believe our Passportkids! experience is over. The past four days flew by. But, boy, they were full of learning and laughs.On our last day the theme was ACT. 

During our morning worship the question of the day was "What does Jesus' revolution look like?" I couldn't help but tear up as I heard your kids and others speak about the way the world can be better. And it will be better because of them! I left Memphis with 9 pretty cool but regular kids and returned with 9 inspired revolutionaries. 

I am excited to see what amazing things they accomplish! We had a little more fun on the way home. We visited the Adventure Science Center in Nashville and then had the most delicious authentic Italian pizza complete with entertainment! :) 

When you see our campers in the days to come I encourage you to ask them about their camp experience. Ask them who their superhero alter ego is. Ask them how they have flipped their perspective and are looking at the world in new ways. Ask them who they will stand up for. Ask them how they will use their voice to speak out for others. Ask them how they will put their faith into action. 

On a personal note a big THANK YOU to David and Julie Richardson! They took time off work to chaperon your campers. They were the perfect people to help me in my first time as a group leader and even more so to help your children what this Jesus Revolution is all about.Thank you all for your love and prayers for us as we traveled and as we spent our days at camp. Your presence was felt by all of us. I hope you feel inspired to begin a Revolution as well!

 Love and Peace,


Posted by Bridget Ellis at 10:00 PM
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