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Passport Youth Camp Night 4 Update!

10 youth and 3 chaperones are at Passport Youth Camp in Danville, VA this week.  Throughout the week you will hear from each youth.  They will tell you a little bit about what they have been up to.  I will also add my update.  Thanks for your prayers!  (Please pardon my typos--these are written at the end of a very long day!)

Today in missions I tore down walls, mowed the grass, and picked up trash out of the yard.  it will be a house for people who can't afford one so i felt special today for helping them.  Today was REALLY fun!-Zealand Silver

Today in missions we swept a house and painted it.  I felt special doing this because this will be a future house for women who are restarting their lives out of prison and their kids.  Toward the end we prayed over the house to God that our mission would serve and help the family in need.  This was crazy because in the process of it I was on a ladder and the whole wall fell out on me!-Micah Breckenridge 

Today while I was at my mission site I got to work and play with amazing, talented, wonderful kids.  I felt like all of us being there made their day, because I know that they don't come from the best households.  We played outside all day, except for when we went inside to play musical chairs while someone played the piano.  Today was also kind of sad because they want us to be with them all of the time and some of them even started to cry.  Other than that today was a great day and I feel like I am starting to make an impact on the kids' life and I have only been here for four days.-Lily Merryman

I'm not going to lie--by day 4 we were all getting on each others' nerves a little bit.  We were tired, easily annoyed, and a bit impatient with each other.  That's what happens when you spend lots of time together!But today's theme was SPEAK--and we were challenged to speak up for those who are being treated unfairly, unjustly, and unkindly.  We talked in our church group devotions about times that we were silent when we should have spoken up for someone.  We talked about times when we were brave enough to speak up for someone--even though it was risky, uncomfortable, and awkward.  We talked about times that we were the ones say unkind, unjust, or unfair things and how we needed and wished someone would have spoken up and stopped us.  We talked about how so often we chose negative, unkind, destructive words or no words when we could use positive, life-giving words. We stood in a line facing each other and in pairs offered the affirming, life-giving words we all need to hear and to say.  Each one of your youth had individual, semi-private time together to share the positive and special things they see in each other.And wow.  A day tired, impatient, and at times careless words was quickly transformed into a beautiful picture of God's kingdom as we each heard special, healing words spoken to each other and had the opportunity to speak special, healing words to our youth group family.We admitted that while it is sometimes awkward and uncomfortable to both share and receive these words--it felt good and restorative.  Pray for us as we try to continue to replace the negative, detrimental words with life-giving, healing ones.Also for your prayer list--tomorrow night your youth will have a chance to respond to what they have heard and experienced this week at camp.  This can be a variety of responses from a profession of faith to revolutionary practices, like speaking and standing, they will commit to throughout the days ahead.  Pray that they will be open to God's movement in their lives.  Pray that Kyle, Mary, and I are open to the Spirit's leading as we seek to minister to the youth.Thanks for your prayers thus far.  We have felt them!!-Brittany

Posted by Bridget Ellis at 11:30 PM
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