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Passport Youth Camp Night 5 Update!

10 youth and 3 chaperones are at Passport Youth Camp in Danville, VA this week.  Throughout the week you will hear from each youth.  They will tell you a little bit about what they have been up to.  I will also add my update.  Thanks for your prayers!  (Please pardon my typos--these are written at the end of a very long day!)  

Today we finished boxing up everything at our site.  Turns out we helped 5000 people get clothes and supplies.  We had a volley ball tournament today and we lost the first game.  :-(  haha, but it was really fun.-Cedar Dean

Today I had a great day.  We worked with the kids at the halfway house in Danville, VA.  We started the day out with eating with the kids.  They had burgers.  After, we played with them..  Anything from coloring, to playing on the playground.  I enjoyed myself a lot.  We had a blast learning about their backgrounds.  After, we came back and had free time.  All of the FBC youth hung out.  It was a very fun day!-Grace Ward

Today's theme word was ACT.  Campers and chaperones talked in their Bible Study groups about balancing our faith with our actions.  Passport Missions is a great example of this balance.  Campers spend time in Bible Study each morning studying and exploring their faith--a faith that then inspires their actions as they head out to missions sites.  Our time on the missions sites today wrapped up with finished projects, goodbye hugs, and even a few tears.  

Our worship and group devotions tonight gave us a chance to respond to God's movement in our lives this week.  As a youth group we gave $160 to refugee ministries in Miami, Texas, and Virginia.  We also decided in our group devotion time to continue Passport's mission theme at home this year.  We committed to a deeper relationship with Peace of Thread and Ekata--ministries at FBC who develop relationships with refugee women in Memphis.  We would love for you to join us and to help us figure out how to partner with and learn from these women.

Your campers have been so wonderful and it has been a privilege to be their youth minister.  You should also know that Mary and Kyle have been rockstar chaperones--taking good care of your youth, forming relationships with other campers, serving on mission sites, making sure everyone is showered and on time, laughing with your teens, and engaging them in deep and meaningful conversations.  I am so very, very grateful for their support and care of our youth.  I couldn't have brought 10 youth to camp without them.Tomorrow I will send a list of questions you can and should ask our campers when they return.  They are excited to share their trip with you so stay tuned...  Also a special thank you to David Edwards for his kind email to us while we were away--your words were encouraging and meaningful to us in our church group devotions tonight--thank you!  Thank you all for reading and praying and care about your youth.

Continue to pray for us as we travel the long journey home tomorrow.  Pray for safety, pray for patience and tolerance of each other, and pray that though we will travel a great physical distance away from camp, we will carry what we have learned and practiced and experienced this week with us back to Memphis and into our every day lives.-Brittany

Posted by Bridget Ellis at 3:15 PM
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