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Passport Youth Camp--Home Sweet Home!

10 youth and 3 chaperones are at Passport Youth Camp in Danville, VA this week and we made it back all in one piece!!! Well, except for one seat belt... (Please pardon my typos--this was written at the end of a very long day of driving!) 

We pulled into the FBC parking lot at 11:30 tonight singing "I really, really, really, really, really, really like you!" (one of our favorite songs from camp) and were greeted by excited parents ready to hug their campers and tuck them into bed!

We had a long but good day of travel.  Your youth were champs and I think they may have actually enjoyed their time together in the vans!  And not a single person asked me, "are we there yet?!"  We even stopped at Lovers Leap Lookout in Virginia to enjoy the beautiful mountain scenery for a few minutes (see picture above).

I think our campers deserve some much needed rest in the morning and you probably won't see them at church tomorrow, but when you do see them next here are some questions you should ask them...

  1. So what happened to the seat belt?!
  2. What is the waka waka and will you teach me how to do it?
  3. On a scale of 1-10 how gross was Brittany's pinky and why am I asking this question?
  4. What is a little red wagon?
  5. Where did you see God moving during the week?
  6. How did you participate in the Revolution at camp?
  7. How do you plan to continue the Revolution at home?
  8. How has the youth group committed to participating the Revolution this next year?
  9. Tell me what you did on your mission site.
  10. What were words of the day and what do they mean to you?

Thanks again for your prayers and support and for journeying with us this week.  Your youth lived up to their FBC name this week!!!  You should be proud!



Posted by Bridget Ellis at 11:30 PM
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