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Passport Youth Camp Night 2 Update!

10 youth and 3 chaperones are at Passport Youth Camp in Danville, VA this week.  Throughout the week you will hear from each youth.  They will tell you a little bit about what they have been up to.  I will also add my update.  Thanks for your prayers!  (Please pardon my typos--these are written at the end of a very long day!)

Overall, I have enjoyed my time here.  The dorms are small and hot, but that is all that's bad.  I enjoyed helping at my work station.  I especially enjoyed trimming the trees and bushes.-Carson Wright 

So on Monday, I woke up about 4:00 am and was ecstatic.  I was very bouncy on the way, and when I got there I was probably the only fully awake one there at the FBC parking lot.  I was just too excited.  The car ride was a little crazy after everyone awoke, a lot of seat switching and TONS of eating.  12 hours later we got there.  Everything was fine and dandy, though breakfast was weird.  The hashbrown tasted like cardboard.  Anyways, 2 showers later, a wonderful hangout session with the girls, millions of sweet tarts later, I'm here, rushing to go to worship.  Well, that's all for now.-Natalie Austria 

It has been a great start to our week at camp.  You should be so proud of your youth.  12 hours in a van and I never wanted to kick one out!!  They were champs!  We arrived a little late due to the long drive and things were very chaotic getting into our rooms and still they were awesome.  My favorite part of the trip was when we all piled (except for Mary driving the mini-van of course) into the 15 passenger van for a brief Bible Study and a game of Would You Rather.  We were cramped, but it was nice to all be together.

Today has been fantastic.  I have loved watching the youth make new friends and jump to work on their mission sites.  They are all doing some variety of yard work/painting/manual labor combined with playing with kids at various day school type programs.  They work hard, they work with new friends, and they love on the kids they meet.  It has also been fun watching them get to know each other better.  They came to camp in pretty distinct friend groups but more and more those groups are breaking down and they are  beginning to mingle and enjoy each other.     

The theme for today was Flip.  We talked about Jesus overturning the tables in the temple and how when Jesus is at work in our lives, he flips things--our perspectives, our normal ways of doing things--and turns it into something better.  The flipping process can be scary but it is always good and very necessary. They sing and pray and learn about the revolution that is started in their lives when Jesus turns things upside down.  At our church group devotions tonight, we wrote down some things that we need to flip--we looked around the room and realized that we all have things we want/need to flip and that we need each other to do it.  Some of us got brave enough to share those things and when we did we realized that we all had similar goals--goals that we would help each other with throughout the week and in the days ahead.   

Your youth are amazing people (I know you already know this but it's fun to watch them!)!  They can and are changing the world!  Please continue to pray for them.  Camp requires you to be vulnerable with strangers and with some of your closest friends and this is uncomfortable and hard.  Continue to pray that God will create a safe place for them to be vulnerable with each other, with their own self, and with God.  Thank your for loving and supporting us!!-Brittany

Posted by Bridget Ellis at 11:00 PM
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