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Passport Youth Camp Night 3 Update!

10 youth and 3 chaperones are at Passport Youth Camp in Danville, VA this week.  Throughout the week you will hear from each youth.  They will tell you a little bit about what they have been up to.  I will also add my update.  Thanks for your prayers!  (Please pardon my typos--these are written at the end of a very long day!)

Today we hung out in the dorm and did missions.  We also played football and used power washers.  We also had an 80's dance party.-Bo Hoffman 

Today we got lucky.  They were serving TATERTOTS for breakfast!  Yum!  Finally something edible! :-)  After breakfast we went to celebration worship, Bible Study, yada yada yada...  But then we went to our mission sites!  I am with Black Circles (yee yee) and we went to the Boys and Girls Club of Danville.  When we got there, I saw a girl sitting all alone so I walked over to talk to her. Turns out whenever she goes there she just sits and does nothing.  (Her name is Kayla).  So I introduced her to Foosball and that was all she wanted to do.  It made me really happy that I felt God's calling.  When we left we had free time.  We had to actually socialize, which was really hard, us being a generation of living zombies and all (uggh!).  Anyways, when free time was over, we had worship and I read scripture from the Old Testament.  :-)  Then we had the 80's dance part-ayy!  Don't get excited.  It was packed and hot and we were the only people who really tried to look from the 80's... It was cool though...hehe... We then had bible study and came to our suite.  I am now about to pass out.  Bye! -Olivia Hankins 

Day 3 has been another great day!  The theme of today was STAND.  Students examined a long list of people--both past and present--who have taken a stand to make world a better place.  Ask them about these people when they get home--they learned some really cool stuff.We talked about how we can take a stand in the world identifying issues like racism, gender inequality, harming our environment, illegal immigration, patterns of poverty, and more.  We shared with each other in group devotions issues that we were passionate about and talked about ways that we can take a stand.We also admitted to each other that there are times when have felt on the edges--lonely and excluded.  We shared ways that we can take a stand for each other and prayed for each other asking God to give us courage and promising to quote a camper: "to have your back when you stand up for something."Your youth are revolutionaries who are already making a difference in the world.  They are taking a stand for things that they believe and challenging us all to join them.  You should be proud!!!-Brittany

Posted by Bridget Ellis at 11:30 PM
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