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Signs of Life in Church-wide Fellowships

My class at the Day School sing a song about "Looking for Signs of Spring." One sign of Spring is a nest of baby birds being fed by their mama.    

If I could name one thing that your Church-wide Fellowships Committee does well, it would be that; just like the mama bird, we feed you. 

An example of this was our Spring potluck on April 3. Talk about signs of life! It was wonderful to see my church family enjoying each other, filling up the Fellowship Hall. And as we fed each other literally, we also fed each other intellectually, spiritually, and emotionally as we conversed over plates of fried chicken, hugged and loved on each other, and as we welcomed visitors to our table. 

As Rebecca Courtney put it so beautifully, it was "sustaining."   If you missed the potluck -never fear- there will be more opportunities to fellowship throughout the year. Coming up this Summer we will have a good old-fashioned Ice Cream Social in June and a Back To School Cookout in August.

These events are not just for families in our church; they are church-wide events. So, please come, because this is how we feed each other and where you can be a part of the LIFE of our church.

These observations came from Holly Hatton, a church member, as part of our Signs of Life Sermon Series.

Posted by Bridget Ellis at 12:00 PM
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